Sunday, November 13, 2011

Indoor Christmas Cutie Event

This year's event was awesome!! We did 4 sessions this Saturday and it was a success.. Oh, except for the part where I lost the keys to the space and found them, then successfully locked them in the space before the shoot happened. Thankfully, I had planned some extra set up time while we got the spare key!

1st session. Cousins!



More Cousins.. In their Christmas pajamas!

All in all, we had a blast. Thank you to Stef and Tory for helping out at the shoot and thank you to everyone who came!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Verbeek family

Round 2 of Couch in the Leaves.. It was insanely windy in town--I had even put a hairspray alert on my Facebook page to warn my families about the wind (I looove hairspray-a whole other blog post)... But out where we were, the wind wasn't too terribly bad. Temps were beautiful for November (in the 60's!), the sun was beautiful and hazy. ahhh, I love the hazy look the sun gives off when it's high in the sky..

Look at this wonderful family. I just love their outfit colors. They colors are fantastic. If you're wondering what to wear, take a page out of their book; bright, solid, coordinating colors (you don't all have to wear the same thing!)

Okay, so this isn't a couchy one.. But I still like it :)

Modern technology!!


We did two Couch in the Leaves sessions this weekend and it was so much fun! First up was the Goodman family. You might recognize the little baby, I did her newborn pictures not too long ago- remember the little girl in the pepsi crates? Yeah, she's growing up so fast!!! I also did her mommy's maternity pictures too :)