Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catherine & Pat

Catherine and Pat are an awesome couple and I've gotten to know them both a lot on Facebook since I took their engagement pictures this spring, so it almost felt like I was photographing friends yesterday. They are so awesome..

They got married at the St. Mary's Church in Oskaloosa and their reception was at the Legion.

Here is the great couple!!

****pickles!!**** ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sarah's Bridal...

Yah, you've seen Sarah before. She and her new husband Jason got married in July and are featured on the blog for their wedding and their engagement session. Sarah was such a great model and with all the wedding plans, we've gotten to be friends, so I asked her to model for the Forever Photography team, let me tell 'ya we all had a blast and got some killer shots.

Sarah is featured in professional hair by by Abby Bowker and professional makeup by Racheal Ebelsheiser, both of Expressions Hair Studio. Her flowers are from Hy-Vee floral. A special thanks also goes out to Dana and Laura who came along to shoot and assist. These pictures are an assortment of pics from all of our cameras.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in any way in the shoot..

There was an old tractor in the barn.. Very cool!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tricia & Garrett's wedding

If you're a loyal blog follower, you've seen these guys before. I did their engagment shoot with my assistant, Dana, and Tricia did a trash the dress session with Dana and me too.

These two are a great couple and you can see their love immediately. We had such a good time last night and their wedding and reception were a blast.

They got married at the "First Presbyterian Church " in Oskaloosa and their reception was at the Legion.
Okay.. for some pictures!!!

A ring shot for fall...

Both the bride and groom work at the law center..

We did some formals and some fun stuff uptown, these are at the Bandstand..

We also found a neat alley to shoot in.

We tried some off camera flash at the reception.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I took these pics out at Keomah of my daughter.. She's growing up so fast..!! I was out scouting for wedding picture locations and found this great place and the light is fantastic here about sunset...

I got about 15 minutes worth of shooting in and she was done and wanted my camera to take pictures of me.. The funny thing is.. She made me do every pose I made her do, which was hilarious to the joggers and people fishing..ha ha..

You thought I was joking?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm encouraging everyone to leave comments on the blog. I love to get your input on what you like !!

So... The next 30 people who leave a comment will be entered into a drawing. The winner will receive a free session ($50.00 value). You can leave as many comments as you want on the blog, but please only one comment per post.

Thank you and good luck!!

Trash the Dress....

I have always wanted to do a trash the dress session. If you're a loyal blog follower, you've seen Tricia before (my assistant, Dana, and I did Tricia and her fiance's engagement pictures).

A very special thank you goes out tonight to Doug's 4-wheeler. They were gracious enough to let us shoot there tonight. I even overheard one guy say to another.. "now I've seen everything" Can you imagine how hilarious we looked? Oh well..It was worth it!

After we had gotten the dress a little dirty at the junkyard, we went to the river to really trash the dress in the water. I have to say, I've never thrown mud at a client before.. That was a little bit fun! Let's just say--we attracted attention. We had fisherman whistling at us, and even some random onlookers who just had to come by and get a closer look and even a car with a few gentlemen who watched most of the session..

Love this one..... love love love!

In the water..Oh and she said the water was cold.

look carefully at all the mud!

America's Top Model pose? I like!

An artistic gun shot..!

It was a dramatic finish...