Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trash the Dress....

I have always wanted to do a trash the dress session. If you're a loyal blog follower, you've seen Tricia before (my assistant, Dana, and I did Tricia and her fiance's engagement pictures).

A very special thank you goes out tonight to Doug's 4-wheeler. They were gracious enough to let us shoot there tonight. I even overheard one guy say to another.. "now I've seen everything" Can you imagine how hilarious we looked? Oh well..It was worth it!

After we had gotten the dress a little dirty at the junkyard, we went to the river to really trash the dress in the water. I have to say, I've never thrown mud at a client before.. That was a little bit fun! Let's just say--we attracted attention. We had fisherman whistling at us, and even some random onlookers who just had to come by and get a closer look and even a car with a few gentlemen who watched most of the session..

Love this one..... love love love!

In the water..Oh and she said the water was cold.

look carefully at all the mud!

America's Top Model pose? I like!

An artistic gun shot..!

It was a dramatic finish...


Anonymous said...

This was an AMAZING shoot. Thank you for taking it on. It was sooo much fun and there are so many breathtaking images. Kelly and Trica. . . YOU ROCK. :) ~ Dana

Brenda Johnson said...

Only my cousin could be so creative! Loved the junkyard photos! Brenda

Dorothy McElderry said...

That's my daughter! She'll try anything. I love it. Honestly if there is something different to come up with she'll do it. As for the photographer, great job. Sooo glad you have an open mind. The junkyard photoes are out of this world. Do you have more?

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone, and yes, I do have a ton more pictures I'm sifting through. I will have a gallery posted soon. Tricia is a great model and it was nice that she was up for anything!