Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mandy & Paul

Meet Mandy and Paul!

Mandy and Paul were relaxed and calm and were so very much in love and it shows in the pictures. I had the urge to apply some unique textures and colors to some of the images, I had a lot of fun with these.

I helped Erik shoot this wedding yesterday, October 25th and I have to say, it was a complete blast. Inspired Images Follow the link on over to his blog and see what kinds of great stuff he has on his blog. He has some great sunflare shots that I'm in extreme jealousy over. They turned out incredibly cool!

I responded to a "Hey You!" and got this great candid of the groom and his friend!

As always, free free to post comments on the blog!

Mandy and Paul, have a great honeymoon and a great life together !


Backroads by Lynda the blog said...

Great shots Kel! Love the candid of the groom and his friend and the bride laughing at her images on her camera. Cute.

Erik Notz Inspired Images said...

Looking good Kelly, I like your candid shots a lot. Thanks for the link to my site and blog!