Sunday, March 15, 2009


Okay, I have been promising my friend Dawn Marie some tutu pics, so here they are. She is the maker of these tutus and some of my other supplies, and Grace is going to be used on her Etsy website. Here's the link to her site, she's also on the tab along the side of the blog "people I recommend doing business with" Dawn Marie's Website Please visit her Etsy site and order some of her cool stuff. These sessions are so very much fun and I have 4 of these tutus in several different colors. This one is apple and pink.

Grace is such a good model when she wants to be. ha ha.. all it cost me today was a pair of sunglasses. I won't even tell you the story about yesterday and the mud on another the tutu (the mud she stomped there on purpose after she got mad at me..) Let's just say, today's a better day! These were taken uptown Oskaloosa, we were up in the alleys on the square.

this one's my fave of the set, I think I'm blowing this one up large for my wall!

this one is totally and completely grace, this is a charactor shot for sure!!

thanks for looking
Kelly-- Forever Photography

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