Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mud Puddles

Today I took pictures of my kids, which I never do since they don't like to listen to me and take directions well while I try to get them to to whatever I want them to do. (they are normally great kids). So today I tried something outside the box and it worked!

I took my little boy, Justyce, down to the big puddles down the road and let him play in them, it turned into a free for all with all 3 kids in the puddles(yes, we have big potholes in our road). Here are some pics from our day.

all 3 kids's toes in the puddle. They were filthy at this point, but loving it!

I love this one.. they would not stop splashing each other!

a shot of the puddle so you can see how really big the puddle is!

The jump...

The splash!

Austin told me I could take this picture if I deleted it right away.. OOPS! Check out how muddy they are..

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heathermum said...

those are SOOO COOL!!! :))