Sunday, March 28, 2010

Allie's Trash the Dress

Let me start off.. I think Allie and I are long lost sisters... I work with her mom and I truly think I belong to their family. When I got the idea for this shoot, Allie was my first choice. I sent her a message on facebook asking her if she was interested in modeling (but didn't give her much for details) was "me, a model, I think you have the wrong person." When I told her the details including 4 wheeling and mud and high fashion, she was completely on board! This was right up her alley.

And boy, was she a trooper, it was overcast, cold and windy this morning and she came out we did high fashion stuff. After she nearly froze to death we decided to go inside and warm up, after a break we hit a few more places and ended up trashing the dress. Thank God the weather got warmer this afternoon--it was actually really nice!!

A special thank you to JMG)J Western Exchange, she provided the beautiful necklace Allie is wearing in the shoot. Also thank you to Cyndy (Allie's mom) for providing the dress. It was nice of her to let us trash one of her scrap dresses.

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