Monday, July 12, 2010

Operation Love Reunited

This little girl and her family came all the way from the Iowa City area to have their pictures taken. Her daddy is overseas serving in the military right now, so these pictures are a big surprise to him.

I am a proud member of the Operation Love Reunited family, which gives members of the military that are deployed complimentary sessions and an album for the military member. It's my personal way to give back to our wonderful troops which I am so very thankful for and I also think it's important to remember the families that are left with out a family member while they are serving. These people (the family of the military member AND the military members) are my HEROS.

I was so shocked when it started to rain... Mom called me and asked what the weather was doing--I told her it was raining here too. I asked her if she wanted to reschedule, but they decided to risk it and it was a great risk. By the time they got here it was not raining and overcast--the perfect combo for beautiful vibrant colors.

Peek A Boo!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your service to my country.

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