Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yesterday, I did sessions with Ronin and Dayton seperately and then some fun stuff together and we also added another little friend and you'll see the group pictures soon.

Isn't he a little cutie! He had so many adorable expressions during this session-what an adorable little boy. We did this session at Lake Keomah, the light was perfect out because it was overcast, although it was pretty hot and sticky. Dayton and his parents were troopers and we got some great pictures!

I'm going to warn you now, there's a blooper reel at the end of this post, so make sure you're ready to laugh. I will not be responsible for any computer damage after you spit out iced tea on your screen.. :)

I love the confident look he gives in this shot.. I think he's thinking "yup, I'm cool. I can stand up!"

Okay for the bloopers..

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