Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And we've been published... sort of.. :)

Last year, I arranged to do a shoot with the gorgeous Ashley Sickels. I had found the perfect space but it was 4 hours away and in a city where I barely knew anyone. So I got with some other photographers and we were able to get into the space I had seen and loved! The space was dirty, grungy, and full of texture. From the moment I saw it, I wanted to do a trash the dress in it.

I purchased the perfect dress, picked out the perfect jewelry to compliment my vision, and let the girls at Hy-Vee in Oskaloosa run with any kind of bouquet that matched a bag of inspiration I took in. I also lined up professional hair by Abby Bowker of Expressions Studio, and Racheal Ebelsheiser did Ashley's makeup before we left town.

Ashley was a trooper, her dress was strapless and it was cold.. By cold, I mean we could see our breath in the space. Seriously.....

Fast forward a year, Brandi (one of the other photographers who had access to the space I wanted to shoot in), sent in a few of the images she had taken at the shoot to a magazine. We found out a few weeks ago that it had been published on page 7 in Celebrity Hair Style Magazine, Wedding Edition which officially hit news stands today!

Check it out--page 7! And a decent sized picture!

While none of my actual pictures got chosen (none of my pictures were submitted) I am adding a few of them to this post. I love the pictures we got that day!!

Thank you so much to everyone that was involved!

I know these next few poses are very similar, but Ashley was so beautiful, I couldn't decide what to post. I think she is smoking hot in all of them. By this time in the shoot, the ever so smiley Ashley was actually able to pull off a really nice serious look..

I added texture here for some added depth.

um, yes, that's a dead bird on the floor. 'ew!

An old elevator shaft that had been sealed off (dont worry, we didn't put her in harm's way )

My favorite images of the shoot... Love the textured walls.

Again, thank you to Ashley, Brandi, Abby, Racheal, and the girls at HyVee floral in Oskaloosa. They all did a fantastic job with my vision.! I couldn't have done it without you guys!

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