Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cutest Kid Contest Winners.. And Spears Family.

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I have a lot to blog and a ton of stuff to share! First of all, we have winners to the Forever Photography Cutest Kid Contest, the winners are: Barrett, Layla, and Abby Rose! Thank you to everyone who voted! You will see these little cuties very soon, All 3 kids are scheduled for pictures very soon!

Okay.. And now for the Spears Family.

I work with Julie at the hospital and we occasionally run into each other in the clinic which is fun! Always nice to see clients out and about and keep in touch with them. :)

We did the session at Lake Keomah and had a lot of fun, in fact, I think we saw a whale in the lake.. I know--you say whales aren't in Iowa, but the fish that jumped out of the water every time I wasn't looking, was real and was huge and made a big splash. It was crazy. It must have been huge. Seems like every time I looked away or put a camera up to my eye, it would splash.

Take a look-see at their pictures :)

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