Saturday, June 11, 2011

Degeest Family

What a beautiful family, let me tell 'ya! They were tons of fun and up for about anything. It has rained a TON here the last few day and it was SUPER muddy on their property, so we did a bunch of pictures where we wouldn't get super dirty, and after we were all done with a majority of pictures, we did some where it was okay to get a little muddy. A little muddy is an understatement, I could barely keep my flip flops on, they kept slipping off on the hills. lol. I had flashbacks of last year when I feel down the steps while shooting on two occasions, but I didn't want today to be another fall day so I made sure to watch where I was going this time--tee hee.

Like I said-what a great family!

Dad and the girls skipping rocks.

I know this isn't a face shot, but I love it anyway.


Adorable little smiler!
Mom and the girls...

This is the whole family all together. I know it's hard to see on this small version, but there's a neat bridge behind them. I promise it's there on the full size version.

Thanks guys, for letting me photograph your beautiful family!

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