Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DeAnna's Maternity

I have had some ideas in my head awhile, so I asked DeAnna to model if she was up for this crazy hot weather. We said she was up for it, which was great. The day of the photoshoot, they issued a heat advisory, but she was still game! It was sizzling hot out, but there was a small breeze so that was great. DeAnna was a trooper!

So on these pictures, I tried out a new editing style and some new ideas I had been having. Hope you love them!

Love me some different angles !

So I borrowed this chair from the fantastic, Dana Linderman. When we got the chair, a leg was broken off (just broke off on the ride to my house). My son put the leg back on for me and we were able to use the chair for the rest of the shoot. While we were loading it in the truck, another leg broke off. ha ha.. this chair has leg issues. :) But it's too gorgeous to give up on.

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