Monday, July 11, 2011

Preston 18 months

It's been a few months since I've seen Preston, so I noticed immediately that he had changed a LOT since his last session. I think he still looks a ton like his mommy, but I can see some of his daddy in him too. They were awesome enough to come up to Oskaloosa from Ottumwa this time, it was a nice change of scenery! Oh yea, they were also awesome enough to bring me a Sonic Cherry Limeaid. I LOOOOVE Cherry Limeaid :)

I have to preface these last two shots by saying, it was 900 degrees out.. and I was sweating like crazy.. (okay that was a slight exaggeration, maybe 850 degrees give or take a few.) So we're in the sand box playing and I'm laying down to get my shot.. When he is playing so innocently and cutely with the sand..

And then.... He decides to throw two handfuls of it on me.. ha ha.. then reload and throw two more before I could even react.. LOL.. This is the last shot I got.. ha ha..

thanks Nicole and Rob for making the trek :)


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