Saturday, October 22, 2011

Couch in a Field Extravaganza II

Couch in a Field this year was interesting.. So we had 93 degree temps on Saturday, which gave me a sunburn during my first session the sun was so strong.. And the poor people that showed up in sweaters--they were troopers though! Sunday wasn't quite so warm, but in the high 80's. Didn't feel like fall at all, but it looked like it which was all we needed!

The Webb family came all the way from Ankeny. Mom's a photographer and we are going to swap services this fall so I can get some pictures of my kids!

Jennifer, Glen, and Cookie came.. I work with Jennifer. She is awesome! And Cookie even smiled for this picture :)

Felicia, Jessy, and the kids came...

Brent, Tiffanie, and Ronin came...

My neighbors Kelli, Doug, Douglas, Jason, Stef, and Grace came... They haven't had a family picture in 25 years.

The DeGeest family came.. Here's one of their girls. Adorable!

April brought her family; Nathan, Brayden, and Jackson.

Thanks for coming out guys, I really appreciate it. It was so good to see everyone. I can't wait until the next bunch of Couch sessions planned in a few weeks.!!!

So....... I promised pictures of the Couch in a Field event and here they are!!

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