Monday, February 6, 2012

Preston 2 yr

Preston came back to visit me for the first time at the new studio this weekend, he is growing up so darn fast. Now he's running around at full speed, telling me what he wants to do (or doesn't want to do), but what I love is that he has such a personality and a kind heart. He went through my toy box and played with all of my animals and even gave my elephant a drink while he was here (twice!) The hit of the day was the frog though, he stayed in the toy box until we got smiles! I was super stoked that we got to use my new borrowed vintage sled and my new sock monkey hat. Preston was perfect for this gig :)

My favorite? Perhaps. :)

one word for this.. ornery.. okay, maybe 2--adorable!

this was a fun one-Preston wanted to ride the elephant and sit with the frog at the same time :) He is an expert negotiator.

He had a blast outside with the sled!

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