Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Oh my gosh, the story I can tell about getting this session done! LOL.

Lynzi is a shy one, so the first session didn't go so swell, she did a lot of very sober looks, so her parents came back with comedy reinforcements (siblings), shortly after that session, my camera died and I found out later it was shutter death--the dreaded error 99, so I borrowed a body from a fantastic friend until my new one arrives (hopefully today). On the date of reschedule, things went perfectly--she warmed up well and we had soooo much fun and I got tons of smiles! Lynzi and I are almost friends! LOL. I am so thankful the stars and planets all aligned and we got some great stuff!

Okay, there was a little drama... But not a lot :) I promise I am not mean!
Not a smile, but I like this one anyway :)

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