Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adventure Land.

Oh yeah.. it lived up to it's name alright....
Today was Pella Corp day at Adventure Land.. We headed up the trek to Des Moines, and got there about 11 a.m. We rode a few rides like the ferris wheel... which was an adventure because Austin decided he didn't want to get on a ride that was a wheel (no idea what that was about) but he decided he liked it afterwards. Terry (my hubby) and his brother Mark, and his girlfriend, Marie decided to ride the gallion... Here they are.. Terry's in the red shirt they wanted to ride in the back of the boat..


We were having an overall great day.. :) Then Terry decided he wanted to ride the Silly Silo... So Grace and Austin went with him, I stayed out with Justyce. When Grace got off she was pale and told us.. "that ride makes me feel like I'm gonna puke" We laughed.. And she puked!!!!!

Ever had this happen? You have to let me know if this has happened to you.. Seriously...!

After puking 4 times.. yes, 4 times!!!! We left.. To the dismay of her brothers... No more Silly Silo, Grace!!!

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