Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reasons to have a new family picture

Hey everyone :) Just thought I'd blog a minute with you and share this great poem I found online, I can't take the credit, it's a compilation of other thoughts but it's great!

You might need a new family picture if....

Last time you had your family picture taken it's from your wedding day, 25 years ago

Your family portrait is missing at least 1 child

All the pictures on your wall were taken with film

Guests to your home ask you who the skinny person is, and it's you.

The newborn in the picture is a high school senior this year

The groom in the picture isn't the one you're currently married to.

Your high schooler is embarrased because her kindergarten picture is still on the wall in the living room.

Your parents look the same age as you currently do.

You completed all 13 ovals on the school pictures frame.

If any of these apply to you, it's time for a new family picture. Now's a great time to book an outdoor family session.

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