Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heather's Maternity

This is Heather, she is due in just a few weeks, but she looks awesome! Heather signed up for my maternity model shoot so I could try out a few different looks I had been dying to do. She was a trooper! I wish I looked like this after having 5 babies and another on the way!

My all time favorite maternity shot.. Love this one!

Heather and Ben's hands...

Check out this cool coat she got on Clearance. It was very chic!


heathermum said...

Thank you Kelly! Very FUN!

breannabrummer said...

ok, i totally commented an hour ago and it disappeared!
heather these are totally awesome! love the hair and new outfits!!!!!!! the coat is soooo fun! i'm just hoping for no rain - sorry, that doesn't work out so well with your coat...
way to go kelly! they are really awesome shots! but i think your model is pretty awesome too, so not sure how the credit is divi-ed up. :D
love love love the stone! and the attic wall angel thingy worked out cool!!!
brea- heather's sista

Pam Sparks said...

LOVE them all!
I wonder if I have any pictures of when I was pregnant w/you! hehe