Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kendra & David

I was excited to second shoot with Kendra and David's wedding yesterday, their wedding with well planned and absolutely gorgeous, I loved thier colors, pink and green, it made for a very pretty wedding.

I had a hard time deciding which images to put on the blog, I got some really great stuff! Since Erik put up a bunch of shots of the bride and groom, I'm going to put up some entirely different stuff.

Check out Erik's website

Instead of bubbles, the couple had their guests throw green and pink confetti. Very cool idea!

Kendra dyed her petticoat in her dryer herself. It turned out so cool!

One of the Groomsmen, Colin, was very protective of the rings, so he came along as I did ring shots. Thanks Colin!

These kids were soooooooo cute!

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