Friday, August 14, 2009

Tricia & Garrett

What a great couple!! These guys are friends of Dana (one of my assistants) and I came along to second shoot with Dana as she did their engagement session. Let me tell you, we had so much fun with them!! We did some very "outside the box" stuff with this couple!

You'll be seeing more of Tricia too, Tricia is doing a trash the dress session with us very soon. As you can see, she's up for just about anything!

A variation of the hand in the back pocket shot.. I like!

Of course a ring shot, I've never done one on a bullet before!

And of course a dip shot! Love it!!

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Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Enjoy these much more than just 2 people standing there looking at each other. These have fun in them and give you a feeling of knowing these young people.

I can just imagine what these 2 could do in snow, mud, gardens and more. They could really liven up most any picture shoot.