Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ashley and Mike's wedding

Yesterday, Mike and Ashley got married at College Avenue Friends Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa. What a beautiful wedding! When I started preparing to blog, I started with a huge folder of images and widdled it down to these images :) I still think there may be 100 or more images I could have blogged! ha ha!

I think this wedding was special because they incorporated Ashley's daughter into the wedding so much, Mike said something special to her during the wedding and she was even presented with a ring, she of course love it, she was a princess all day long!

Some details and candids

I did some cool lighting on the cake--okay--credit where credit is due--my daughter Grace held the flash for me. Mike got some $$ from the dollar dance!

Reese and the ring bearer.. The ring bearer said " I can't get my bubbles to blow!" ha ha.. Adorable adorable kids!

Reese (Ashley's daughter) was out like a light a few hours into the reception.

The rings of course.

The reception was held at the American Legion which was decorated beautifully! What a beautiful wedding!

Ashley and her dad dancing.

Mike and his mom dancing.

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