Sunday, June 27, 2010

soooo thankful.

Oh boy, what a busy past two weeks, I spent last week in the hospital with my hubby in Pella (he was the patient) and was grateful to be home, shot a wedding on Saturday and had a gallbladder attack early on Monday morning and had emergent surgery to remove it on Tuesday. I finally got to leave the hospital on Friday, so I'm enjoying my time at home recovering. Funny, I never really had any real symptoms of gallbladder disease, but from what I hear it was not very happy with me and was a pain to remove.

So far, this is the list of things I've missed.....

1. My husband and kids... I got to see them a lot during my hospital stay, but I was pretty sedated and I missed their VBS program which made me sad. They did come to visit me that night and sang me a song from the program which rocked!

2. My dogs... not once during my hospital stay did I wake up to a lab jumping in my bed to snuggle and my other dog wasn't there to try to steal my pillow to sleep on.

3. My co-workers, even though I work at the hospital I was in, I still missed my friends. I did get flowers and a card and a visit from a few of them, which was awesome.

4. Chinese food.. 'nuf said.

5. Camping with my friends..

6. Chinese food...

I am so thankful for...

1. My family and friends, they came and visited me, texted me, and kept me company. Thank the Good Lord for IPODs so I could connect to facebook!

2. A GREAT surgeon. He is a true angel and kept me pretty calm when I found out I had to have surgery. Surgery is something I never take lightly after losing a loved one during surgery.

3. A great hospital. The nurses were great, they helped me reschedule my testing so I could find out if I needed surgery, and they treated me with dignity and respect.

4. All the home made food I could ask for... We received a truckload of food from friends. "Betty Crocker" and her family came through for us so I didn't have to worry about our next meal.

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