Sunday, October 10, 2010


Cale and his family are awesome :) No, really, they are. They live in Texas and came back to visit with family and friends and had me do Cale's pictures again--how awesome is that? They decided they wanted to visit the junkyard for Cale's pictures--how could I turn down my favorite place to shoot? :)

Cale was full of energy but didn't know exactly what to do with it, so we figured out the best way to get his attention was to let him throw rocks at his dad. I timed the shots and got the huge smile that came after he hit his dad with the rocks. I think I collapsed in laughter a few times too. :) Tim, thanks for not letting any hit me or the camera :)

This looks posed, but he's reloading.

He just hit his dad.. lol. Tim was very dramatic.. ha ha.. Some of those rocks had to hurt though :)

So there was this field next to the junkyard.. So the Texas boy had to go in it and the lighting was specatcular! Cale told jokes and silly stories.. He was a riot!

What happens when you tell a 3 yr old to sit down in a corn field? This!

Thank you again Natasha, Tim, and Cale for adding a stop for pictures during your busy trip back to Iowa. It truely does mean a lot to me. I love seeing Cale grow!

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Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for always making time for us during our travels. The photos that you take of Cale and our family are truly priceless memories. I love how patient you are with Cale and how much fun he has actually getting his pictures taken. I am sure we will be back again in 2011 for our annual session. Unless of course I can convince you of a Texas road trip! LOL
Thanks again,
Natasha Crook-Austin