Monday, August 8, 2011

BFF paint shoot Part I...

I have been thinking about doing a teen BFF shoot incorporating paint somehow for a long time, so I was finally able put my idea into camera for this past weekend.
Alexis Hanselman from Shear Envy salon in New Sharon is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and generously offered to do hair and makup for the shoot. She did a fantastic job too!

Dana Linderman came along as well and shot with me. Shooting with Dana is always an adventure. Dana, I'll keep quiet on this shoot's awful fall. But if you see Dana, look at her leg and ask her what happened. She swears it doesn't hurt, but I think she's lying.. ha ha. It had to hurt!

Our models were: Daphni and Lindsey and they rocked. They were troopers :)

Okay, I'm gonna stop yapping now and show you the pictures!

They had so much fun together!

Isn't she gorgeous?


I'll post some paint pictures in an upcoming blog post :) They are awesome!! And if you're looking for an awesome hair stylist, give Allie a call, she's at: 641-637-2345.

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