Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I'm playing blog catch up right now. I am so sorry for the delay in getting new images to the blog and Facebook! 

Jessica brought her kids in to the studio to do pictures and we decided to go uptown to shoot in the alleys in town. I love the alleys, they are full of color and texture and fun stuff for kids.!  Her kids were adorable and they behaved so well!

Destiny has been in also with her two little boys. They were so much fun! 

Mary Catherine and her family were in recently too. I have taken pictures of her son William since he was a newborn, so I was super excited to photograph her while she is expecting the newest addition to their family. I got to see the whole family and update their family picture while they were here.  I love this family!

 This one is a perspective shot- When he is older, it will be hard to believe he was ever this small!
 Love this one, he is so cute!
 She is so pretty here!


The Carty Party Mom said...

Love them all but the second is my absolute favorite. Black and white images melt me.

Jamie K said...

What a fun set of images!

Wendi said...

Cute kids!!! Love!

Wendi said...

So cute!