Sunday, November 9, 2008


It was soooooo cold today when I was taking Corey's senior pictures. You wouldn't think 40 degrees with a breeze would be frigid, but it is.. trust me! My camera was acting up a little bit because it was super cold out, so I had to take it back to the car to warm up a few times.

Corey had 4 friends Josh Curry, Nick Mauer, Zach Greenhalgh, and Billy Moore to take some pictures with him and they were fresh from the car wash.. yes, the car wash!! Corey's car was a little bit wet still, to his mom's dismay but Corey didn't have a Shammy to dry it with, so we went with it. Hopefully his doors don't freeze shut tonight! The highlight of the car series is when 2 of Corey's friends decided to do burnouts. I have a highlight picture that was requested of the yellow Mustang.

The maroon car was pretty cool doing a burnout too.

We also did the "mirror shot" with the outside mirror and Corey.

Thanks Corey and all of your friends for being sports with the cold weather.. Also for taking the girly business cards, since that's all I had left to give 'ya.. Good luck with the clutches and tires for your cars too!

Okay, here's one last sneak peek, I'm ordering Corey's proofs tomorrow. I have several favorite images. I can't wait to show them to you guys!

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