Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Ericksons

Meet the Ericksons! Krishandra, Daniel, Lance, and Abner. The Ericksons were referred by the Wheelers who I have blogged about before. I took some pictures of them by their home in Pella which had a large tree that had lots of leaves that had falled already, then we traveled to the Central Campus, where we took a few pictures at a neat bridge and some of their flowery areas, then we traveled to a field with lots of hay bales. I had a great time at the shoot getting to know you all, and I did get a few where Abner was smiling. He's really fast with his smiles.

This is Lance.

This is Abner.. See.. I got a smile!

I couldn't wait to add another picture for you guys, I got some great stuff of your family. This was the last series of images I got little Abner was very independant and did not want his brother's help walking, but I did capture this before Abner pulled his hand away from his brother. If you look closely, you can see Lance is concentrating really hard and even has his tongue out a little bit. Sooo cute! Hopefully your proof book will get here soon. I can't wait to show it to you! This one has a poem on it.. I couldn't resist. Hopefully you can read it on the blog here, but it says There's nothing like the love of a brother.

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