Monday, April 2, 2012

best friends

Ahh. My muse and her BFF. I needed some inspiration and some fun and to shoot with no expectations this weekend so I asked my muse and her stuck-like-glue bff if they wanted to be models, they both jumped at the idea and were ready to go. I had a location and some things I wanted to try :) But we were crunched for time, so I just ran a curling iron through the girls' hair, put in some hair clips, and we left. The girls had a blast, as did I , I shot at a challenging time of day for me and at a challenging location. I love that some things turned out, some didn't and the pressure of the things that I wanted to turn out that didn't made me even more stubborn-I will try again for those things! And hey, I'm not ashamed to admit that not every idea I had worked out for this shoot. That's what keeps me expanding and growing as an artist.

I also tried a different editing style. Very vintage and summmery. I played with the haze of the sun and had some fun. I will tell you, I love shooting into the sun. :)

My Grace.


"little" Grace as I call her. Little because she is younger. Last year, when "little" Grace grew out of her clothes, she gave them to my Grace. This year, they are the same size.

BFF's. Stuck like glue.

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