Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Year Ago....

I'm going to try to start a new segment on my blog where I blog a picture from a year ago, just so I (and everyone else) can see just how much I have grown as a photographer. I think this will be fun!

So, from April of last year.... This is William. I have this image hanging in the studio now, it is one of my favorite images I have taken. I didn't have studio space last year, so I rented space and set up a backdrop stand and lights for a few hours. I say I, but I really mean my clients helped me setup and my husband and kids did too. I couldn't fit the backdrop paper in my car so my husband had to drive it up to the space for me in his truck. I rented 3 hours at at time which gave me time for two sessions and tear down and set up for the day and it was crazy packed time in there. But that builds character--right? :)

Oh Lookie--even an old watermark. LOL. Look how far the logo has come in one year :)

Thanks for looking :)

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