Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crystal's Maternity

You've seen Crystal before a couple of times before; her husband is deployed right now, you saw pictures previously of his goodbye ceromony a few months back.  Crystal is due here soon and wanted maternity pictures to show her husband.  She got professional hair and makeup done by Alexis Hanselman of Southern Charm Salon out of New Sharon, Iowa. Alexis (Allie as I call her) rocked her makeup and made Crystal look stunning!

Crystal's blue dress along with the location I chose earlier in the day rocked! I literally drove by this place and was in awe and asked Crystal if she would mind (it is quite public near a busy road) and she was a trooper and didn't mind at all. When Crystal showed me her blue dress when she showed up to the studio, I knew it was a the perfect color and location!

I will save you the pictures of what I looked like after I layed in a giant nest of cockle burs taking the second image I posted.. It was awful. LOL.  But I have to say, I was loving what I was seeing in the camera and didn't care too much!

Crystal is also one of my Maternity Spokesmodels and is trying to win a big prize based on new customer referrals, so if you know Crystal, ask her about Forever Photography!

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